CMP Initiatives



The CMP activities are being organised in the vidyalaya regularly as per the Calendar Activities for the year 2016-17


  1. School Readiness Program was are conducted for first six weeks for class 1 students

  2. Necessary TLM's have been prepared according to the activities

  3. PPT's were prepared for the topics in the subjects

  4. Film shows are being organised for all the primary classes early fortnight

  5. Group songs & Community songs are being practiced regularly

  6. The Necessary teaching learning rescource material is provided in the CMP for effective teaching

  7. In order to promote the HINDI language, the better understanding of hindi knowledge and the teaching of HINDI to the children by showing objects and body language

  8. Cubs and Bulbus activities are being conducted regularly and children are trained for participating in Cubs and Bulbuls utsav

  9. Interhouse sports and games competitions are planned to be conducted

  10. For improving hindi speaking skills various activities are being carried out.

  11. In order to making use of ICT effectively CAL / TAL time table is being followed

  12. Community songs in different languages are practised

  13. A CMP NEWS LETTER is prepared which covered the activities taken up in Term-I